When it Rains, it Pours



Staying positive the last couple of months has been a huge feat just by itself. These past two months have been the most trying of our entire marriage, but things are finally looking up! (Knock on wood. For real, do it, I can’t handle more of this piling up).

In the past 2 months:

  •  K was laid off, found a new job, then had to get a second job as the new job didn’t pay quite enough.
  • Steps on our porch collapsed and had to be replaced, on the house we bought in April, of this year…
  • Air conditioner went out
  • All 4 dogs needed to be fixed, and have their shots finished, talk about $$$
  • Another part of our deck collapsed, we thought we’d have to replace the whole thing, but my dad came to the rescue!
  • Car “accident”, we were hit with part of a tire that blew out, over $1300 in repairs, and a new-found appreciation for insurance
  • K’s amazing job that he found and loved made him move to SLC for work, so that’s twice as much gas, and me sitting at work waiting for him for 2 hours, EVERY DAY.
  • And the list could go on…

So, it has been a very expensive, and a very trying last 2 months, but, things are on the up and up! The homeowners policy the previous owners got when they sold us the house actually covered something, and paid for most of the air conditioner repair, yay! My dad says we can fix our deck and not have to replace it, and is coming to help us do so tomorrow. All of the dogs are fixed, and up to date on shots, so we’re good for another 8 months there, as long as none get sick (knock on wood, again. Please). SafeCo, our insurance, is amazing and they covered most of the car repairs, and provided us with a rental, and we’ve learned that next time, even if it’s a tire blow out, we should pull over and get information from the person whose tire blew, so their insurance can cover the damages. And, K learned to be even handier and replaced the porch steps. ALL….BY…HIMSELF. I was impressed, I would have just installed a slide.

Now, K is loving his job, and is even enjoying his second job, and when he does work weekdays he only has to work the second job 2 days a week. Because of his second job, at Ridley’s, we discovered that Ridley’s carries frozen cranberries. I, literally, danced with joy. I LOVEEE cranberries. If you don’t believe me, check out all the amazingness we make with them here. K is becoming handier around the house, and there’s nothing sexier than a guy that can fix broken things, so go babe. We’ve become a bit more frugal, unable to buy juice and fun drinks, and due to that K developed this amazing mint, water, and lime juice cocktail that is to die for. Then, he shook things up and did it with orange juice instead of lime juice. Talk about divine. It’s almost up there with cranberries.

I’ve learned to develop a bit more patience, or, at least, that I need to develop more patience….and I’m more grateful than ever that we closed down Paxelpics Photography, because the stress of one more thing probably would have put me over the edge. We are making more time for each other, and valuing the time we have together more, which is definitely something that has been lacking. We’re talking, a lot. I didn’t really realize how much we weren’t before, but now, with everything that has hit the fan, we’ve had to talk TONS to figure out how we’ll make ends meet and make things works, and well, we just haven’t stopped.

So, the trials and shit hitting the fan was good, and probably needed. We’ve learned to cope with so many things happening at once and with wondering how we were going to make our house payment, or how we could possibly have this bad of luck, and, we’ve found out that we can be, and will be, ok. That we are fighters, and this will work. So, bring it world.*


*Not really, you can keep any more shit you’re looking to throw. I have a neighbor that’s looking pretty comfortable lately, aim over there…



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