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Dominion Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Dominion Date Night

K loves Dominion, and it’s a game I’ve had to warm up to, but now that I have I really enjoy it! I feel like this isn’t a game that you just randomly pick up, you have to hear about it from someone. We played this game together for the first time when I met […]

July Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

July Date Night

Date night for July has been put off time and time again as life just got insane, and the weather became so hot it was torture. Normally I try to dress up and make it a bit special, but we have literally had almost no extra time this entire month. So, Trouble with Orange Julius’ […]

Indoor Bowling - Our Kind of Wonderful

May Date Night – Indoor Bowling

We’ve had this indoor bowling set since shortly after we were married. When we were first married this whole budgeting thing was new to us, and we found ourselves with zero money for date nights. At home date nights became our only option – we grabbed this indoor bowling kit in the kid’s section at […]


April Date Night – Tri-Ominos Style

I grew up playing Tri-Ominos at my grandma’s house, and I really don’t think I’ve ever played it since. Well, K (the husband) and I busted out our Tri-Ominos set, and it was actually a blast! I forgot how fun it was, and it really made me miss those games with my grandma. If you’ve […]


March Date Night – Canasta

Date Night, Canasta style. K (the husband) taught me Canasta shortly after we were married, and I don’t think he’s won a single hand of it since. Yes, Canasta is known as an old people game, but I kid you not, it’s the best. If you haven’t ever played you can check out the rules HERE. […]


S’mores a la Date Night

S’mores happen to be one of my favorite things ever. Like, EVER. I crave them far too often, and keep all ingredients for them in our food storage, just in case. K (the husband) knows s’mores are a way to my heart, and sometimes he’ll come in with a candle and s’mores ingredients, and it […]


February Date Night

K (the husband) and I are huge Nightmare Before Christmas fans. And, when I say huge, I mean huge. We LOVE that movie, and K even bought me a set of Jack and Sally salt and pepper shakers, as well as a Nightmare Before Christmas snow globe. So, it was only appropriate that for Christmas […]


Pumpkin Carving

I honestly don’t even remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, but I guarantee no other pumpkin carving endeavor was this entertaining, or full of puppy smiles. K’s excitement at carving pumpkins was adorable. He gutted it, got everything ready, and sat there giddy, like a little kid. If you can’t tell, this man […]

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