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Bop-It-Extreme Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Bop-It-Extreme Date Night

I’m sure this post shows my age a bit, but I LOVE Bop It, and Bop It Extreme. I grew up with these games, and was shocked when I realized K and I had never battled it out Bop It style. It was only fitting that we’d do a date night battle. I’m better with […]

Date Night Jar - Our Kind of Wonderful

Date Night Jar

I’m sure you’ve seen the date night jars all over Pinterest, just like I have, but I could never find one with date ideas that would really work for us. I finally took the plunge and made one for us, in another attempt to get weekly, not just monthly, date nights to be a thing. […]

SET date night - Our Kind of Wonderful

SET date night

SET is a speed based matching game. Sounds simple, right? Yeah, not so much. I’m great at speed games, like, really great, but I never win this one. It’s the matching part that throws me, because there are so many different ways you can match up these shapes in sets of three, either all the […]

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Cat/Dog Stax Date Night

If you like puzzles, Cat Stax/Dog Stax will have you in date night heaven! Me, I’m not so much a hard puzzle person, so this was a fun version of date night hell for me. Fun, because it was with K, but hell because I was so bad at it, even when using the answer […]

Photo by Malae Talley

Mug Decorating Date Night

When we did our mass de-cluttering we got rid of more mugs than we wanted, because we were doing this mug decorating date night, so we were going to have some new ones coming, and these would obviously be better and cuter than any others :].  So, there are so many tutorials online about Sharpie […]

Dominion Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Dominion Date Night

K loves Dominion, and it’s a game I’ve had to warm up to, but now that I have I really enjoy it! I feel like this isn’t a game that you just randomly pick up, you have to hear about it from someone. We played this game together for the first time when I met […]

July Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

July Date Night

Date night for July has been put off time and time again as life just got insane, and the weather became so hot it was torture. Normally I try to dress up and make it a bit special, but we have literally had almost no extra time this entire month. So, Trouble with Orange Julius’ […]

Indoor Bowling - Our Kind of Wonderful

May Date Night – Indoor Bowling

We’ve had this indoor bowling set since shortly after we were married. When we were first married this whole budgeting thing was new to us, and we found ourselves with zero money for date nights. At home date nights became our only option – we grabbed this indoor bowling kit in the kid’s section at […]

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