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Cranberry Dog Treats - Our Kind of Wonderful

Cranberry Dog Treats

More homemade dog treats, which the dogs love! I whip up a batch of these for Christmas and they go in their stockings. Yes, yes, our dogs have stockings, they usually get toothpaste (K brushes their teeth every day), a toy, rope, and some treats, and a bone. They absolutely love the homemade dog treats, […]

Pumpkin Dog Treats - Our Kind of Wonderful

Pumpkin Dog Treats

Dog treats are expensive, or at least they are for us, the owners of 3 puppies, and homemade dog treats not only sounded awesome, but they save us money. Plus, the dogs go CRAZY for them. I mean, crazy. We’ve also given them to friends with pets and their dogs AND cats have loved these! 

Crock Pot Dog Food - Our Kind of Wonderful

Crockpot Dog Food

We are those dog owners that make our dogs a special meal for holidays. So, on Christmas and Thanksgiving, and their birthdays, we bust out some crockpot dog food, and they are in heaven. I love how easy this recipe is, and how tasty they find it. We use turkey burger as Padfoot has some […]

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