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I'm a Mom - Our Kind of Wonderful

I’m a Mom

Motherhood is unlike anything I imagined, harder, better, more demanding, more rewarding, it’s just more. I still want to pinch myself, to make sure this is real life, that A is our daughter. And, being a mom has changed me, in ways I wasn’t sure I could ever change. I feel things, deeper. I cry […]

3 Months

How has it been 3 months already?! A is the cutest little lady ever, and we can’t get enough of her. She drools all over, loves to chew on her hands, my hair, pretty much anything she can grab.  She hates tummy time with a passion, but will endure it with enough singing light up toys […]

Harry Potter Baby Shower - Our Kind of Wonderful

Harry Potter Baby Shower

My neighbor and mom threw us this amazingly gorgeous Harry Potter themed baby shower! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so this was absolutely perfect. I loved every single detail. More people showed up to support us than I ever even hoped for, and we were spoiled beyond belief. Our favorite part is that […]

A's Birth Story - Our Kind of Wonderful

A’s Birth Story

I tried to write about A’s birth before, but I really struggled, and don’t feel I did it justice. After getting these photos back from Kelley Anderson it’s like the night she was born came back 100%, and I’m flooded with emotions all over again.  On September 1, 2016 we got the call that S, […]

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Our adoption journey has been a whirlwind, happening so fast, but at the same time feeling like we’ve waited forever to have our daughter in our arms. It all started after my Motherhood blog post. So many people reached out with heart felt messages, advice, etc. Then, our neighbor who is a co-owner of Utah […]

Our Adoption Journey - Meet Baby A -- Our Kind of Wonderful

Our Adoption Journey – Meet Baby A

On May 12, 2016 we created our Facebook page about us hoping to adopt! We were and still are excited to share our adoption story all while keeping our family safe and protecting our privacy by using our initials of names. On June 1st 2016 one of the most amazing women we’ve ever met, S […]

For You We Will Move Mountains - Our Kind of Wonderful

For You We Will Move Mountains

  We’ve opened a shop, For You We Will Move Mountains, where we sell handmade items, as well as jewelry and other things (more items coming soon!). This shop was opened to help alleviate the costs of adoption. If you want to read more about our decision to adopt, you can do so here. Our shop name […]

Hoping to Adopt - Our Kind of Wonderful

Adoption – How Can You Help?

We’ve had a few people reach out asking how they can help us with the adoption process, or ask for the link to our gofundme account.We have chosen not to create a gofundme account with the large abundance of them being created throughout social media. We’ve set up a t-shirt campaign, selling a t-shirt we […]

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