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Happy Halloween - Our Kind of Wonderful

Happy Halloween

Halloween! You guys, it’s so much different with a 1 year old! A was a pineapple for Halloween, and she was the cutest pineapple ever. We bought her costume back in August, and I didn’t have her try it on until October. When I did I couldn’t stop laughing at how cute and plump she […]


Blowing Bubbles with A

Blowing bubbles with A was a hoot! She kept sticking her tongue out, trying to eat the bubbles, not understanding that she needed to blow, or how K and I were making them. It was insanely cute watching her so fascinated, giggling, trying to reach them. It’s been interesting finding activities we can do with […]

Christmas for a Cause

Christmas For A Cause

I know that anytime I’m able to help someone in need I am overwhelmed with emotions and filled with so much love, and that’s something I strive to remember during the holidays. There are so many ways we can make a difference in the lives of others, from helping a stranger with groceries, volunteering at a […]


Hair – NUME style

Ok, so, let me just tell you about these AMAZING hairstyle wands I got for Christmas last year. They had a killer Black Friday sale, so I begged K (the husband) to get me some, since I’m doing that whole, try to get ready and look put together thing. Well, he did, and his face […]

DIY Table Redo - Our Kind of Wonderful

My Husband, the Handyman

When we got married K (the husband) wasn’t what I’d call handy. I mean, he could hang pictures up like no other, but they wouldn’t line up or be straight. I grew up with a dad that is like, the superman of handyman’s. My dad can pretty much fix anything, at least in my mind, […]


Marfan Syndrome

At the beginning of our first date K (the husband) told me he had Marfan’s Syndrome, a genetic heart condition. I wasn’t worried, it wasn’t like I was going to marry this guy. Well, I did marry K, and with him came this heart condition, one that, should we have children, they have a 50/50 chance […]


Meet Marlee

My dream is to one day run a rescue for dogs. Financially it’s one of those dreams that will probably never become a reality, but until then, we’ve decided to open up our home to fosters. Not only do we get to help out other dogs, but ours learn better how to socialize, and we […]

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