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A's Birth Story - Our Kind of Wonderful

A’s Birth Story

I tried to write about A’s birth before, but I really struggled, and don’t feel I did it justice. After getting these photos back from Kelley Anderson it’s like the night she was born came back 100%, and I’m flooded with emotions all over again.  On September 1, 2016 we got the call that S, […]

Puppy Birthday - Our Kind of Wonderful

Puppy Birthdays

So, we are those dog owners that treat their dogs like children. People seem to understand more when they learn that we can’t have biological children of our own, but I honestly think we’ll always be dog spoilers, even after we’ve adopted. For us, these 4 are part of our family, and are treated like […]

Indoor Bowling - Our Kind of Wonderful

May Date Night – Indoor Bowling

We’ve had this indoor bowling set since shortly after we were married. When we were first married this whole budgeting thing was new to us, and we found ourselves with zero money for date nights. At home date nights became our only option – we grabbed this indoor bowling kit in the kid’s section at […]

DIY Raised Planters - Our Kind of Wonderful

Raised Planter

K built these gorgeous raised planters for us, and I am still drooling over them. Trying to still have a garden while also having 4 puppies has proved to be…challenging. Although, watching them run around with a huge zucchini in their mouth that they just picked is still one of my favorite oh crap moments […]


April Date Night – Tri-Ominos Style

I grew up playing Tri-Ominos at my grandma’s house, and I really don’t think I’ve ever played it since. Well, K (the husband) and I busted out our Tri-Ominos set, and it was actually a blast! I forgot how fun it was, and it really made me miss those games with my grandma. If you’ve […]


DIY Bedframe

K (the husband), soon to be the handiest man ever, made us a new bed frame! We’d been using a cheap frame that we bought a few years ago, and it was so rickety that when one or our dogs jumped up on it, or if we just sat down it would, literally, shake.  So, […]

Our Kind of Wonderful
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