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Dezember Photography

Where Did My Tiny Puppies Go

It feels like just yesterday that we were signing the papers to close on our house, then rushing to pick these 4 lovelies up. Where the heck did the time go? I’m sure when we have human children the nostalgia and where the heck did my babies go feeling will be worse, but seriously, where […]


Squash Thieves

When we bought our house we were so excited to plant a garden and get the yard nice looking. For a bit, we were on track with that goal. Then, I had this genius idea to feed our dogs squash. It’s on the list of safe food for dogs, and we had tons, so it […]

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Stop Suggesting We Get Rid of Our Dogs

So, it seems that every time K (the husband) and I fall on hard times, the solution most of our friends and family members suggest is to get rid of our dogs. Hey, money’s tight? Sell a dog! You’re tired, and fighting a bit because you’re tired and stressed? Well, you have 4 dogs, if […]

Paxelpics Photography

Waking the Kraken

So, we have 4 dogs, and dogs are like children in the way that if one gets sick, they all usually get sick.  I do everything I can (essential oils, fruits and vegetables daily, walks, washing their dog “bedding” weekly, etc) to keep germs away, and get rid of any sickness without a vet visit, if […]

Photo by Amber DeHaas Photography

Meet Sherlock

Sherlock is a totally daddy’s boy, and is obsessed with Kelton. He HAS to be up by your face or he isn’t happy, and once he’s there, licking your face and ears he gets the biggest grin ever. He recently got neutered, and he LOVED his cone. It was so weird. The first day of […]

Photo by Amber DeHaas Photography

Meet Sharky

Sharky came to us as this sassy, tiny little thing. She’s still sassy, definitely not so tiny, but has also become this insanely smart, I do what I want dog. And, to make things worse, she has the best, most adorable smile, so it’s so hard to be upset when she does something like, run […]


Meet Luna

Luna started out as the sweetest dog ever. She still just loves to be loved, and wants to be near you, but her jealous side is starting to show. We’ve been reading/watching a lot of things by Cesar Millan, so hopefully we’ll be able to fix that behavior soon. Luna suffer from excited pee, but […]

Photo by Amber DeHaas Photography

Meet Padfoot

Padfoot is our gentle, tender, scaredy-cat dog. We affectionately call him Chunks, as he was quite hefty when we first got him. We had no idea that was due to him being so sick. We took him to a vet the day we got him, as he was having some trouble breathing, but they told […]

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