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Cranberry and Pear Crumble - Our Kind of Wonderful

Cranberry and Pear Crumble

For Thanksgiving we were assigned a dessert, an as cranberries are a Thanksgiving food I decided I’d try to cook with them, as I never had before.  Granted, I didn’t really do much, just threw em in this after chopping them in my Ninja chopper, but I still felt good having crossed cranberries off my […]

Strawberry Shortcake - Our Kind of Wonderful

Strawberry Shortcake

I honestly have no idea if this is the “normal” way to have strawberry shortcake or not, but it’s how my parents always made it growing up, and I really feel like there can’t be a better way.   

Oreo Cake - Our Kind of Wonderful

Oreo Cake

K is a huge Oreo fan, so over his birthday week I surprised him with this Oreo dessert. It’s quite rich, so small pieces are more than enough, but it is so, so good! And, insanely easy to make, which is always a win.  

Mom’s Orange Julius - Our Kind of Wonderful

Mom’s Orange Julius

My mom would make us these orange julius smoothies growing up, and I always thought they were better than any we could buy at the mall. To this day I still they they are the best orange julius’ I’ve ever had. With how insanely hot it’s been this summer K and I (the dogs too…) […]

Buttermilk Cake - Our Kind of Wonderful

Buttermilk Cake

My sister sent me this recipe a couple years ago, and we loved it! Then, of course, we promptly forgot about it. I made it again last weekend, forgetting the baking powder and soda, and wondered why I’d love it so much before. I remade it again, the right way, the next day, and yup, […]

Hocus Pocus S'mores Pops - Our Kind of Wonderful

Hocus Pocus S’mores Pops

We’ve only been parents for a month and a half, and already I’m wanting to do more fun, “cutesy” things so A will have fun holiday memories as she grows up. I know, I know, no way will she remember anything for a while, but, I couldn’t help it and we did some neighbor treats […]

Eclair Torte - Our Kind of Wonderful

Eclair Torte

Eclair Torte was one of my favorite desserts growing up, and something I introduced K (the husband) to, after we were married. It has quickly become a favorite, and luckily it’s very easy to make. Soo much easier than eclairs, and just as good!

Grinch Cookies - Our Kind of Wonderful

Grinch Cookies

It’s a Christmas tradition with K (the husband) to watch The Grinch, and each year I make him green Grinch cookies. As Christmas is in just a few days I need to get on the ball, so I’ll be whipping up some Grinch cookies as a surprise, and we’ll be cuddling up to a midnight […]

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